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Thursday, July 18, 2013

More on the Racism and Injustice of the Trayvon Martin Verdict

The right wing media and all people defending Zimmerman's right to murder Trayvon Martin are constantly referring to any gathering of African Americans in peaceful protest against racism as "a riot". That alone is racist, but these same people ignore the constant attempts by right-wingers to provoke anger. They just think "it's not enough that you're discriminated against, your life is of less value than mine, and I can murder you with no consequences, I'm also going to rub your nose in it, too".

    Watch 2 Racists Attempt to Start a Riot at a Peaceful Trayvon Martin Protest From 17 July, 2013 After a Florida jury found George sermon not guilty in the murder of a young Trayvon Martin, a group of about 20 children between the ages of two and 12 and about 20 more young adults decided to peacefully protest racial profiling and an unjust criminal justice system in Wichita, Kansas. Of course, rather than support their peaceful protest, two white males decided to attempt to stoke racial unrest and start a riot by provoking them with racism. One of them wore a black shirt that read, “This shirt can say NIGG*R because it is black.” (Of course, the racist shirt did not have an asterisk, and made the point to capitalize the deeply offensive word) Thankfully, Trayvon’s supporters kept their cool and showed these two bigots how adults handle things, peacefully questioning them about their intentions and shaming them for their racism. Why in the world with these two men feel compelled to throw salt on the fresh wounds of Trayvon Martin’s supporters? Only they know, but it is safe to assume that this episode is anecdotal of the perceived “reverse racism” that many whites feel that they themselves fall victim to on a daily basis. Do you believe that they have an unnecessary and unearned persecution complex?

While the two racists above were allowed to try and provoke a fight, this poor guy was arrested for peacefully wearing a hoodie in a mall and displaying a sign honoring Trayvon Martin (watch the video). Yet the racists will continue to claim that race has nothing to do with this case.

- Black Man arrested for "trespassing" For wearing hoodie at Mall

    WICHITA, Kansas – A young man believes he did nothing wrong after being arrested for criminal trespassing at Towne East Square, saying mall security racially profiled him for wearing a hoodie and a sign supporting justice for Trayvon Martin.

And finally a good segment from the Chris Hayes show:

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Injustice of the Trayvon Martin Verdict

- Trayvon Martin And Why The Right-Wing Media Spent 16 Months Smearing A Dead Teenager

    Yet one of the puzzling questions surrounding the public saga of Martin's death has always been why the partisan, conservative political movement in America, led by its powerful media outlets, felt the need to become so deeply invested in the case, and felt so strongly about defending the shooter, as well as demeaning the victim. I understand why civil rights leaders who traditionally lean to the left politically embraced the case, why they saw it as part of a long history of injustice for blacks, and why they urged that Zimmerman be charged with a crime. But why did GOP bloggers, pundits and talk show hosts eventually go all in with their signature brand of hate for a local crime story?

- Fear and Consequences: George Zimmerman and the Protection of White Womanhood
    "Yes, white women ... are taught to fear men of color. We need to own that truth, own that shameful fear. Most importantly, we need to name it for what it is: deeply held and constantly enforced racism."

- JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON: Black Twitter Kills Juror B37’s Book

    Awesome! Anyone who saw this juror interviewed on CNN last night saw what a total bigoted sociopathic moron she was. Glad she is now unable to profit from Trayvon's death.

- White people who kill black people in 'Stand Your Ground' states are 354% more likely to be cleared of murder

    Racism in the justice system: White people who kill black people in 'Stand Your Ground' states are 354 per cent more likely to be found justified in their killing than a white person who kills another white person, according to research.

- Classic rock musician Lester Chambers assaulted on stage at Blues Festival because he Dedicated a Song to Trayvon Martin

    Lester Chambers, founding member of popular 1960s recording artists, The Chambers Brothers, was on stage at The Russell City Hayward Blues Festival tonight when his son said the attack occurred. It is indeed disturbing news for the 73-year-old singer, who just yesterday announced on his Facebook page, he’d completed the last hurdle prior to releasing his first album in over 40 years.

- Florida woman Marissa Alexander gets 20 years for "warning shot": Did she stand her ground?

    Last Friday, Jacksonville mother Marissa Alexander was sentenced by a Florida judge to 20 years in prison for firing what she says was a "warning shot" into the wall after a physical altercation with her husband, Rico Gray. The case has set off yet another controversy involving the state's "stand your ground" law, which is under intense scrutiny after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in February. Critics, including Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-Fla.), are crying foul.

- The Zimmerman Jury Told Young Black Men What We Already Knew

    Tonight a Florida man’s acquittal for hunting and killing a black teenager who was armed with only a bag of candy serves as a Rorschach test for the American public. For conservatives, it’s a triumph of permissive gun laws and a victory over the liberal media, which had been unfairly rooting for the dead kid all along. For liberals, it's a tragic and glaring example of the gaps that plague our criminal justice system. For people of color, it’s a vivid reminder that we must always be deferential to white people, or face the very real chance of getting killed.

- George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Jury Lets Trayvon Martin Killer Go

    As attention around the case mounted before the trial, details emerged about the teenager and the man involved in the fatal confrontation. It turned out this wasn't Zimmerman's first run-in with the law. He had previously been accused of domestic violence by a former girlfriend, and he had also previously been arrested for assaulting a police officer. More controversially, in July 2012, an evidence dump related to the investigation of Martin's death revealed that a younger female cousin of Zimmerman's had accused him of nearly two decades of sexual molestation and assault. In addition, she had accused members of Zimmerman's family, including his Peruvian-born mother, of being proudly racist against African Americans, and recalled a number of examples of perceived bigotry.

- Zimmerman changes details, makes claims inconsistent with other evidence

    George Zimmerman talked to Sanford police a half-dozen times, going over what happened the night he killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. In the retelling, parts of his story changed. His account also does not line up with other evidence. Here are some of the most prominent inconsistencies...

- FINALLY... A Mainstream Journalist Speaks Truth on the Trayvon Martin case