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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For You Conservatives and Libertarians: The Fake Republican 'Controversy" over the Ground Zero Mosque

Republicans/conservatives have been ramping up their lies, racism, and paranoia as the mid-term elections draw near in a couple of months to try and get their base Republican, Tea Party and Libertarian voters upset enough to show up at the polls and vote. The reason? They hope to unseat the Democratic majority in the House and Senate so they can give more tax breaks to the ultra-rich, wage more war, deregulate things even more so corporations can pollute, destroy the economy and treat their workers unfairly, etc. Yeah, that actually is their agenda if you look at their policy.

The controversy over the mosque is fake, it's manufactured by conservative politicians to scare you, to make you vote against your own best interests, as usual. It is designed to simply scare you enough to get you to the polls on election day where you will support the Tea Party, Libertarian or Republican candidates, who will do corporate America's bidding; resulting in higher prices, more war, more pollution, more global warming, more oil drilling, no more net neutrality, no regulation on industry that needs it, more lost jobs, an unstable and unhealthy economy, etc.

It's what the conservatives do in every election with gay marriage amendments, school prayer, and abortion, for example. They have no actual policy (aside from protecting the ultra-rich and corporations while destroying the middle class and poor) so they hide behind wedge issues to make the ignorant, the bigoted, the fundamentalists, and the fearful support their candidates. They are liars and con-men.

And you Libertarians, you are DELUSIONAL if you think you are not supporting this activity; Libertarians like Ron Paul and his son Rand are total corporate whores (who don't even believe in evolution, by the way)! Their voting record is clear and the results of their policy stances are proven destructive to your life, your rights, your environment, your wallet, and your country. This insanity must END. People need to stop supporting these crazy greedy ignorant conservatives and Libertarians who are actually out to fleece you and fool you into believing "government is evil". YOU are the government, government is not evil at all.

Government has been abused and manipulated by corporate interests with the help of corrupt elected officials. So control your government and start electing people who are NOT nuts, liars or con-men! Stop allowing yourself to be used and lied to. Stop supporting conservative candidates. Their only goal is to enrich the already rich... at any cost.

There are existing mosques all over NYC, including some just blocks away from the WTC site, there is even one inside the Pentagon (which was attacked on 9/11), and they are all over the USA. Also, the First Amendment to the US Constitution assures freedom of religion, but the Republicans and Libertarians and Tea Partiers, who claim to LOVE the constitution, have been trying to repeal portions of it (all due to their racism and desire to inspire fear in their voting base)!

Where was the "outrage" and calls to ban Christian churches after the 1996 bombing at the Olympic games by Christian conservative Eric Rudolph? Or after the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma by Christian fascists, where many died? Where was the outrage when, in 1990, I could have been killed by a bomb that would have leveled two city blocks when my old work place (a large office building in west Los Angeles) was attacked by Dean Harvey Hicks, a similar right wing fanatic, simply because an IRS office was in the same building? (I did not work for the IRS, I worked for a company that raised money for progressive causes, and luckily his bomb malfunctioned and was rendered harmless in time).

As Keith Olbermann illustrates below, the majority of terrorism involving Muslims in the USA are cases where it's the Muslims who are attacked.

We are not at war with Islam. This was a goal of Osama bin Laden, to try and start a religious war between Christians and Muslims, and the conservatives (the Republicans, Tea Partiers and Libertarians - all of whom are against this mosque) are playing right into bin Laden's hands. It's no secret that right-wing policy created the Taliban and created al Qaeda in their war against the Soviets years ago (we actually funded them). It's no secret that the 9/11 attacks were a response to conservative policy, mixed with fundamentalist insanity, and it's no secret that our continued presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and expanding wars into other Muslim nations is only triggering more anti-American sentiment (because we keep killing large numbers of civilians), thus more war. All of these facts are ADMITTED to by our government, so you disbelievers- don't bother trying to deny it.

Now the conservatives are making matters worse by making a big fake controversy over a Muslim community center, basketball court, and culinary school, giving the Muslim world the impression that, indeed, we are at war with Islam. Nice going you nut bags. The next time someone blows up a building or plane in the USA we'll know who to blame.

Watch these segments from the Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow shows.