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Friday, January 18, 2013

Can't embed Vimeo videos so you'll have to click the link below...

NOTE: This is all real, no CGI (but with minor Photoshop editing). Watching something like this you believe we can solve every problem on earth. And we pretty much can. Humans caused them after all. It just takes people understanding the following: opinion and fact are not the same thing; education is important and shouldn't be demonized; compassion is essential and isn't weakness; science can actually prove things; pushing ourselves to be better actually makes us better; learning what works and what doesn't is good; apathy is evil; ego is negative; vanity is ugly; voting against your own best interests is futile; rising only to the lowest common denominator (figuratively) guarantees perpetual misery; and if we work towards common goals we can get things done.

It's really not so difficult. We can do amazing things. Why not try to do the simplest, too? End hunger, save the planet, end war, tax the rich, live sustainably, put power into the hands of the people rather than corporations, treat animals with compassion, etc...

If we can accomplish the amazing things we see in this video, composed of photos taken from the International Space Station then we can do all these other things, too. You are the revolution.