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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Most Important Thing Said Yesterday was on the MTV Video Awards- Health Care Reform; Van Jones; Global Warming; more (posted 09/14/09)

- Will the Corporate Supremes Now Dance on Democracy's Corpse? In short, the US Supreme Court may be poised to shred a century of judicial and legislative attempts to preserve even a semblance of restraint on how Big Money buys laws and legal decisions. The ensuing tsunami of corporate cash could turn every election hence into a series of virtual slave auctions, with victory guaranteed only to those candidates who most effectively grovel at the feet of the best-heeled lobbyists.

- A Triumph for Man, A Disaster for Mankind It has been one of the elusive goals of seafaring nations almost since the beginnings of waterborne trade, but for nearly 500 years the idea has been dismissed as an impossible dream. Now, as a result of global warming, the dream is about to come true.... No commercial vessel has ever successfully travelled the North-east Passage.... But early next week the German-owned vessels are scheduled to dock in the Dutch port of Rotterdam. It is the culmination of a two-month voyage from South Korea across the perilous waters of the Arctic, where an unprecedented ice-melt has at last made the previously impassable course a viable possibility.

- Van Jones's Resignation: Bad for the Country and Bad for Obama "Van Jones's resignation is bad for the country and for the Obama administration. It's bad for America when progressive views are an excuse to purge someone from the administration while extremist right-wing views of past administrations were always given a "pass."

- What It Will Take to Win the Healthcare Debate We should be clear that the opponents of genuine reform have no comprehensive alternative they can claim as their own. Aligned with the private insurance carriers, their real goal is to maintain the status quo. Their real fear is the realization of a decades-old Democratic dream: low-cost, universal healthcare. They realize that should this dream come true, they will remain out of power for many years to come.

The anti-government crowd, embodied by Ronald Reagan, rode into Washington in 1981. At his first inaugural address on the steps of the nation's capitol, he said, "Government is not the solution to our problems; it's the problem." Today, all too many Americans believe that to their very core.
Henceforth, liberal Democrats in Congress and the President need to go on the offensive and ask those who want to keep the public option out of healthcare overhaul a few questions: Do we want the Consumer Product Safety Commission to continue to inspect for lead in imported Chinese toys? Do we want the Food and Drug Administration to check for E. coli and salmonella in the food we eat? Do we really need an Environmental Protection Agency? This is far more effective strategy than simply denying that the proposed healthcare plan amounts to a government takeover.

- Red Snow Warning: The End of Welfare Water and the Drying of the West All of this is more than a mere smudge on our postcard-pretty scenery: Colorado's red snow is a warning that the climatological dynamic in the arid West is changing dramatically. Think of it as a harbinger -- and of more than simply a continuing version of the epic drought we've been experiencing these past several years.

- Foreclosure Crisis Built on Racial Injustice The impact of this failure is catastrophic, as millions of homeowners continue to slide into foreclosure. People of color have been hit hardest by the crisis, facing disproportionate rates of foreclosure as well as higher levels of unemployment. The recession has deepened the racial divide.

The Most Important Thing Said Last Night At The MTV Video Music Awards
Published 9/14/09 on

The Most Important Thing Said Last Night At The VMA's.... And everyone missed it, even forward to 3:18 through the bluster of an otherwise anonymous host:
Since I was not watching the show devoutly last night (I haven't watched the VMA's straight through since 2001), I didn't see a moment that I would have for sure noticed and savored. Russell Brand was an other wise "who cares host", but there was probably no one better to utter this truth like him. So a major credit to him.
Sadly, it will be lost in the barrage of his many unfunny comments and the rest of what happened in the show, overshadowing the most important moment that most will not even think about.