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Friday, July 2, 2010

Proof Republicans are Idiots; Report Says US Heat Waves will Worsen; Yes Men's NYT; Racist Glenn Beck Boycotted; more (posted 08/26/09)

- Report: Future US Heat Waves Will Be Worse The nation is headed for strong heat waves in coming decades that will hit cities and farmers and threaten wildlife with extinction, a new global warming report warns. 

- The Yes Men's version of the New York Times From The Yes Men's GREAT new film The Yes Men Fix the World, you can now see their version of The New York Times (as seen in the movie and available from their website) with all the headlines you wish were reality (and are actually quite easily accomplished if people weren't so greedy, shady, and apathetic).

- Better Dead Than Fire Engine Red Arguing that when you let the fire department put out your flaming house you put your property in the hands of BIG GOVERNMENT FIRE - and that the tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time with water from a privately owned fire truck - the group

- US Deaths in Afghanistan Headed for Another Record With the deaths of four U.S. soldiers Tuesday, the U.S.-led NATO coalition in Afghanistan now has lost more troops this year than in all of 2008, and August is on track to be the deadliest month for American troops there since U.S. operations began nearly eight years ago.

- Police to Photograph Climate Camp Demonstrators The demonstrations will be the first test of public order policing since the G20 protests, when the police were criticised for its heavy-handed, deadly tactics [on innocent people]. Police have signalled a change in approach since the April demonstrations, which resulted in the death of Ian Tomlinson, but are to continue filming and photographing those attending. A third of the public believe filming protesters is an invasion of privacy, according to a YouGov poll of 2,000 people published yesterday.

- Young Obama Backers AWOL from Health Care Fight Add this to President Barack Obama's problems in selling his health care overhaul: A lot of the tech-savvy activists who helped put him in office are young, feeling indestructible and not all that into what they see as an old folks issue. It's a crucial gap in support and one the White House may have to correct if Obama is to regain the momentum and get Congress to act on his top domestic priority.

- Racist and Idiot Glenn Beck Boycotted Facing ongoing pressure from some of's 600,000 black members, another 16 companies have pulled ads from Fox News' fear-mongering Glenn Beck Show.

Proof Republicans are Idiots
A new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll reveals sizable percentage of misinformed and willfully ignorant portions of the population, particularly in the South. Also shows that Blacks, Latinos, and other non-whites are the "wisest" when it comes to an understanding of plate tectonics.