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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cows Have Best Friends - Climate Change Making Air Pollution Worse - Bradley Manning/Wikileaks=Hero - Fox News Owner Phone Hacking Scandal - Republican Presidential Candidate Lunatic - more

- How cows have best friends and get stressed when they are separated
    The research showed cows were very social animals which often formed close bonds with friends in their herd.
- CHART: Rate Of U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq Is At ’03 And ’04 Levels
    Last month marked the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Iraq since 2008. Some analysts have said that the primary reason attacks on U.S. troops have increased significantly in recent months is because top U.S. officials have been saying publicly that the U.S. military will stay past the Dec. 31, 2011 total withdrawal deadline.
- The motives of Bradley Manning
    There's no doubt that it's illegal for a member of the military to leak classified or secret documents -- just as there was no doubt about the illegality of Daniel Ellsberg's leaks, or a whole slew of other acts of civil disobedience we consider noble.  The fact that an act is legal does not mean it is just, and conversely, that an act is illegal does not mean it is unjust.  Many people enjoy hearing themselves condemn the acts of tyrants and imperial forces in the world. If the allegations against him are true, Bradley Manning knowingly risked his liberty to take action against those acts, in the hope of exposing those responsible and triggering worldwide reforms.  It's hard to dispute that these leaks achieved exactly that, but even if they hadn't, his conduct is profoundly commendable, and the world needs far more, not fewer, Bradley Mannings.
- Four reasons why Bradley Manning deserves a medal
    1. At great personal cost, Bradley Manning has given our foreign policy elite the public supervision it so badly needs.
    2: Knowledge is powerful.  The WikiLeaks disclosures have helped spark democratic revolutions and reforms across the Middle East, accomplishing what Operation Iraqi Freedom never could.

    3: Bradley Manning has exposed the pathological over-classification of America’s public documents.

    4. At immense personal cost, Bradley Manning has upheld a great American tradition of transparency in statecraft and for that he should be an American hero, not an American felon.

    Consider our invasion of Iraq, a war based on distortions, government secrecy, and the complaisant failure of our major media to ask the important questions.  But what if someone like Bradley Manning had provided the press with the necessary government documents, which would have made so much self-evident in the months before the war began?  Might this not have prevented disaster?  We’ll never know, of course, but could additional public scrutiny have been salutary under the circumstances?
- Fox New's Rupert Murdoch Shutting Down News Of The World; But That Won't Solve His Problems
    Rupert Murdoch's son James announced this morning that following the allegations that Murdoch's News of the World tabloid hacked the voicemails of a slain teen girl, potentially impeding a police investigation and giving the girl's family false hope that she was still alive, this Sunday will be the tabloid's last issue.
- Fox New's Rupert Murdoch's tabloid News of the World hacked the phones of the relatives of 7/7 terrorist bombing in UK
    Bereaved relatives of the July 7 bombings had their phones hacked by journalists at the News of the World, police believe.
- VIDEO: Fox New's Rupert Murdoch's tabloid News of the World hacked the phones of the relatives of 7/7 terrorist bombing in UK
    Keith and Michael Wolff, author of "The Man Who Owns the News: Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch," dig deeper into how Murdoch's "News of the World' hacked into the account of a murdered schoolgirl's voicemail. Invading peoples' privacy is second-nature to Team Murdoch, but will blowback from this appalling incident do lasting damage to the S.S. News Corp?
- Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry’s Shameless Ways
    To think of George W. Bush as too moderate is delusional.But that’s the learned assessment of Texas Governor Rick Perry. In testing the waters of a possible presidential bid, Perry is distancing himself from the supposed “compassionate conservatism” of Dubya when Bush helmed the state. That Perry thinks of his predecessor as being too middle of the road speaks volumes about the current occupant of the governor’s mansion in Austin.
- Climate Change and Your Health: Rising Temperatures, Worsening Ozone Pollution
    Temperatures in the United States have already risen more than two degrees Fahrenheit (2°F) over the past century, largely because of climate change, and are expected to keep rising throughout the next few decades and likely much longer.Here’s the connection: warmer temperatures increase ground-level ozone. That’s why we hear warnings of “bad air days” due to ozone pollution most often during the summer and on cloud-free days.
- Oh Say Can You Seethe..
    Another Independence Day, and times are tough for everyone.No, not everyone.Sit back, get uncomfortable, and choose any one of these facts to make you mad.