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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fox "News" Lies about Climate Change - Get Used to New Weather Extremes - Republican Agenda; Help the Wealthy, Screw the poor and Middle Class - Somalia Famine - Obama Disappointing World by being too Conservative - We Must Stop Eating Meat to Save Planet

- Republicans Cry Wolf on Debt Ceiling In Order To Impose Radical Pro-Rich Agenda video
    The Republican Plan is Socialism for the Rich- Individualism for Everyone Else: President Obama and Republican House speaker John Boehner are allegedly close to a $3 trillion deficit-reduction package as part of a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling before an Aug 2.
    "Obama is a 'Wall Street Democrat', which we used to call Republicans".
- Get Used to New Weather Extremes
    We're seeing records fall in all directions this year—wettest, driest, warmest, coldest, snowiest, stormiest, fieriest—across the globe. In the US alone, in the month of July alone, 1,079 total heat records have been broken or tied.
- 1500+ Cattle Die From Extreme Heat In South Dakota
    Twenty-plus people have died from the extreme heat that's been gripping half of the United States for the past several days. But humans aren't the only ones dropping dead: The Mitchell, South Dakota Daily Republic reports that at least 1,500 cattle have died due to heat exhaustion in the current heatwave. And those are just those which have been reported to the office of the State Veterinarian.
- UN declares famine in parts of Somalia
    United Nations says 3.7 million people "now in crisis" and more than 10 million affected by worst drought in decades.
- Why don't Arabs love Obama anymore?
    President Barack Obama isn't living up to his promises in the Middle East, and it's driving Arab attitudes toward the United States to their lowest point in years, analysts say.
    In an IBOPE Zogby International poll released last week, respondents in four out of six countries surveyed had a lower opinion of the United States than at the end of the Bush administration in 2008....

    Arabs believed Obama two years ago when he said he'd change Washington and the world, Zogby told a roundtable at the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank. Now, a stunning majority — as high as 99 percent of those surveyed in Lebanon and 94 percent in Jordan — said Obama hasn't met expectations.
- Bill O'Reilly: Women Too Drunk to Use the Pill
    Last night, radio host Leslie Marshall joined Bill O'Reilly's show for a discussion a variety of issues. After a segment on binge drinking, the conversation turned to whether health insurance plans should fully cover various contraceptives, including birth control pills. O'Reilly said women who get pregnant are usually too drunk to use birth control.
- More Weight on Less Meat
    Today the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released “Meat Eater’s Guide to Climate Change and Health,” a comprehensive report that suggests what’s become a common refrain here and elsewhere: we all need to eat fewer animal products – not just meat, but dairy as well.
- Republican Governors Swing Right, Leaving Voters Behind
    If the states are laboratories of democracy, then the Republican Party’s research pipeline has run dry. Moderate Republican governors, a thriving species before last year’s elections, are all but extinct.

A Climate of Deception: How Fox News Distorts the Climate Debate